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Turbotax is beneficial for you and for your device. It is a prominent software amongst the taxpaying class, known for providing benefits on filing annual tax returns and tax preparation. is an income tax preparation software that allows individuals to calculate and file their federal and state income taxes. This software includes various features and tools that help in the automatic preparation and filing of taxes. It also indicates the necessary updates and informs the timing of tax payment. Thus, it is an efficient way to manage your taxes. Most Canadians use this software to manage their taxation system.

system requirements for turbotax:

  • Operating Systems: macOS 10.11 or later
  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB free HDD for this
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB Memory
  • Processor/CPU: Intel 64-bit Processor

what is turbotax license code ?

Your license code is a 16-character combination of letters and numbers (XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that verifies the software and allows you to finish and begin using TurboTax. If you downloaded TurboTax directly from an authorized retailer, your license code should be included in your order confirmation.

turbotax license code

how to download turbotax in your system?

  • Firstly, buy the technology, open the latest version of the web program on your framework.
  • Access TurboTax’s legitimate site by typing the URL in the Location field correctly.
  • The Upcoming website page lets you buy TurboTax items as you decide. For this, take a gender and tap on it at the top of the page for products and pricing. Along with this a detailed list of options will appear.
  • Next, you’ll need to drag your cursor to snap it to the CD and download the product to proceed with the TurboTax login process.
  • Currently, you’ll see a variety of TurboTax items with a total description of each item. Go through all the estimations of the items thoroughly and then take appropriate decisions.
  • Next, explore and click the Buy Now button below the TurboTax item you’d like to purchase.
  • Therefore, it shows a spring up box that prompts you to choose the work framework on which you need to download the item. PC/Windows clients click on its personal connection.
  • From there, check the estimate for your purchased TurboTax item and select the Continue later tab.
  • Proceed by marking your TurboTax account as mandatory, if you don’t, register your record first and sign in to your record later.
  • Enter all the payment details properly in their respective fields.
  • Please check the request carefully before requesting.
  • Finally, make an installment of purchased TurboTax items to get started with the TurboTax download process.

best way to

Following ae the different and simple ways to on your device-


  • Place the installation CD in your computer’s optical drive.
  • Double-click the.dmg file for TurboTax to create a virtual disc on your desktop.
  • Drag the red “TurboTax checkmark” symbol to the “Applications” folder using the on-screen prompts in the pop-up window.
  • You must use the license code to activate TurboTax for Mac once it has been installed. To finish the installation and activation of TurboTax on your Mac, enter the code in the “License code” box and click “Continue.”
  • A 16-character combination of letters and digits serves as the product activation code. It’s on the back of the TurboTax CD package.
  • Remove the TurboTax CD from your computer’s optical drive.
  • Double-click “TurboTax” in the “Applications” folder to start TurboTax.


  • Visit the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Find the search box and type ‘TurboTax’ into it.
  • Next to the ‘TurboTax Tax Return’ option, select “Get.”
  • After downloading TurboTax from the App Store, launch it.
  • Log in to your TurboTax account, or establish a new one if you haven’t already.
  • To begin submitting your taxes, follow the on-screen instructions.

windows 10

  • Force Turn off Windows Firewall and close any running programs on your computer.
  • Temporarily turn off any antivirus software.
  • Insert the TurboTax CD into your computer’s DVD drive to install TurboTax.
  • Double-click on the “setup.exe” file once the TurboTax program files are open.
  • If you got TurboTax via the internet, double-click the installer button and select “Next.”
  • Examine the terms and conditions, and then click “I Agree” if you accept them.
  • Click “Change” if you want to change the place where the software is installed.
  • If you don’t want an anonymous performance report from Intuit, uncheck the “Sure, count me in” box.
  • Install TurboTax on Windows 10 by clicking the “Install” button.

activatation of turbotax

  1. After you complete the installation part, you’ll see the “Your product is installed, let’s activate it” window.
  2. Now, go to your email address and copy the activation code, or write it down on a piece of paper(for offline purchase).
  3. Finally, click on ‘Get Started’ and that’s it!

why do you need to manually update turbotax?

  • When you fail to automatically update your TurboTax for Windows software then the only option left for you is the manual update.
  • With the manual updates option, you can prefer to download updates but them manually all step by step.
  • This can be done by downloading the manual update onto a thumb drive and then migrating it to the TurboTax hosting computer.
  • You can get the manual updates for TurboTax for Windows platform fed. programs. Please note that the updates are not available for the Mac or TurboTax State programs. The updates cannot be used to convert an older version of TurboTax to a newer version.
  • For Canada, TurboTax Canada update download should be clicked on.

difference between turbotax online and turbotax CD download

TurboTax CD/download:

The CD/Download of the TurboTax application enables you to download and install the software on your local Desktop. You may work on your taxes without needing to have an Internet connection. Besides, your work will be stored on the hard drive. The CD/Download of the software includes the cost of the tax preparation for one state.

You can prepare and print unlimited federal tax returns and up to five e-filing at no charge. The additional cost will be charged per state e-file. The CD or download mode of the TurboTax software is more convenient for users preparing tax returns for multiple people.

Regardless of which version of the TurboTax software you are using, you may get easy support options to get all your queries answered and all the technical issues resolved. The Assist and Review service can help you will all your doubts, queries, and error resolution. The CD/Download is only compatible with the Windows operating system.

turbotax online

The online version of TurboTax lets users access the program on their preferred computer or device with the help of a stable Internet connection. You can prepare and e-file your tax return remotely without needing to access a particular system.

Furthermore, no software installation is required in order to utilize the incredible features of the program. Thus, you don’t need to save anything on your computer and occupy additional space. The online version of the program stores your data on secure servers that give you any time, anywhere access to your tax forms and information.

A majority of users (up to 75%) go with the TurboTax online version for the flexibility that it offers them. You can perform federal and state e-filing with the utmost ease. The Assist and Review service helps you access tax experts easily so that you can get help with TurboTax support.

TurboTax Online offers an intelligible user interface divided into easy-to-navigate sections. You can use the online version of the software on both Windows and Mac operating systems. It allows users to ReFile their return from their preferred system with an Internet connection.

frequently asked questions –

what is turbotax?

Turbotax is a popular tax preparation software program developed and marketed by Intuit. It’s designed to help users prepare and file their taxes quickly and easily. It offers a range of features including deductions, credits, and forms, as well as the ability to import W-2 and 1099 forms directly from participating employers. Turbotax also offers a free version for simple tax situations.

can i install turbotax on a Mac?

Yes, Turbotax is also available for Mac users. You can download the Mac version of Turbotax from the official website. The system requirements for Mac are OS X 10.13 or higher, 4 GB of RAM, and 4 GB of available hard drive space.

what if i encounter an error during installation?

If you encounter an error during the installation process, the first step is to check the system requirements to make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements and the requirements are met, then you should try restarting your computer and trying the installation again. If the problem persists, then you should contact Intuit customer support for further assistance.